Couple gets into weeks-long stand-off with their cats, who won’t let go of their new blender

Anyone who has ever had a pet cat can tell you that they can get pretty territorial. Cats will decide on a favorite spot in the house and refuse to give it up — and occasionally, those spots can be pretty strange.

It’s that kind of behavior that’s led to a hilarious, viral stand-off between two cat owners and their pets over their brand-new blender, after the cats claimed it as their favorite hang-out spot.

Jessica Gerson-Neeves and her wife Jessica Gerson-Neeves scored a deal on a hot kitchen appliance this Black Friday: a Vitamix blender. When it arrived in their home last month, they were excited to start making some nutritious smoothies.

But the other members of the household had other plans for the new gadget: one of their cats, Max, “spotted the box and, assuming it was for him, hopped right up on top,” Jessica explained on Facebook.

“And that was the beginning of the end.”

The couple describe themselves as the “devoted servants” of a trio of cats: in addition to Max, there’s George, “Destroyer of Worlds,” and Lando Calrisssian.

While they love their cats, they were left in a pickle when the cats took control over the Vitamix box, preventing them from getting to their blender.

“With three cats and only two humans in the household, the humans are outnumbered and (being giant suckers), both frightened of and unwilling to forcibly relocate the offending cats,” Jessica wrote.

Their fight for control of the box has turned into an epic, weeks-long stand-off between humans and cats.

The couple’s various strategic attempts to lure the cats away with treats and decoy boxes have failed to fool the trio of sneaky felines. It’s as if the cats are knowingly taking turns guarding the box, preventing the women from taking it from them in the night.

After weeks of back-and-forth, the couple hoped that the cats would eventually lose interest in the box. It hasn’t happened.

“There is just something about the Vitamix box that just has really held their attention,” Jessica told the Washington Post. “At this point, it’s turned into something so much bigger than us.”

Indeed it has: their ongoing struggle has turned into a hilarious viral story after sharing daily updates to a Facebook group for cat lovers, detailing every move with hilariously dramatic detail.

The story went further viral when Jessica wrote an open letter to Vitamix, asking for their help — not asking for a new blender, but for three empty Vitamix boxes to satiate their cats.

“We write to you because it has become clear at this point that without herculean intervention, we’re never going to get to use the new blender we’ve been longing for for years,” Jessica wrote. “We’re afraid that this may be our only way out of the situation in which we find ourselves.”

Now, obviously, there is a simpler solution: they could just move their cats, which they admit are not very heavy. But, where would be the fun in that?

“We’re far enough into it, I can’t move them now,” Nikii told the Washington Post. “They’re committed, we’re committed. ”

The women are having fun with their cats, and thousands of people are having fun following their story. Perhaps it just comes at a time when a lot of people are spending too much time at home with their pets, and many can relate to this kind of strange feline warfare — and, as Jessica puts it, having a laugh “at the absolutely bonkers middle-aged lesbians who are losing a stand-off with their cats.”

“This is just so silly and sweet and kind of wholesome,” Jessica told the Post. “And if our cats and me thinking I’m funny are providing that fun, why on earth would we interrupt that? Like, the blender will still be there.”

Any cat owner can relate to this hilarious story. We hope this “stand-off” comes to a peaceful end where the women can get their blender but the cats still get to have their favorite box 😂

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