Bell, a cat with squirrel-like tail, is the prettiest kitty of them all

Is that a squirrel or a cat?

If you take a quick glance at the backside of Bell, you might think she’s a squirrel. After all, she has a beautifully fluffy tail that looks just like a squirrel’s.

But this furry feline is far from a rodent. She’s an adorable Minuet who lives with her cat sibling in Japan.

Even if you aren’t a cat person, it’s hard not to smile when you see Bell.

Bell is a Minuet also known as a Napoleon cat. The Minuet breed was created in 1996 when Joe Smith, a breeder, bred a Persian and Munchkin cat.

The end result was an adorable cat with short legs, round features, long and fluffy hair, and a high energy level.

In January 2016, two decades years after Joe Smith bred the first Minuet, the short-legged docile cat was recognized by The International Cat Association.

Check out that tail!

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If you want to follow Bell’s adventures, and there are plenty, you can follow her on Instagram.

Have you heard of the Minuet breed before?

This cat is absolutely gorgeous! 

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