Cat with rare condition will be the size of a kitten forever

Cat with rare condition will be the size of a kitten forever

Have you ever had a tiny young kitten and wished they could be that size forever? One cat actually will.

Due to a rare medical condition, one cat will stay kitten-sized his whole life. While it isn’t always easy, this little guy is still adorable and has plenty of love to give.

Meet Munchie:

Munchie was first found as an abandoned cat last September. It’s suspected that he was abandoned to to his bilateral corneal odeama, or unusually cloudy eyes, although this does not affect his vision.

While that’s a rough start to life, the good news is he was taken to a vets office Wolverhampton, England, where he met his new owner Emily Tomlinson.

Munchie settled into his new home… but as months passed, Emily began to suspect that something wasn’t quite right: by Christmas, the cat had barely grown at all.

The day after Christmas, Munchie collapsed. He was found to have extremely low calcium levels and spent four days in the hospital, according to an Instagram post. He was found to have hypoparathyroidism, which is “extremely rare in its self but totally unheard of in kittens.”

It also meant that Munchie would stay his current sizeโ€”a mere 1.7 kgโ€”for the rest of his life.

Munchie’s condition is so rare that it isn’t entirely clear how long he will live, but Emily is full committed to caring for the cat and giving him the best life possible.

It isn’t always easy: Munchie needs medication, and still “eats like a kitten,” sometimes requiring his owner to wake in the middle of the night to feed him.

“He has a lifelong condition so will need regular blood tests to check his calcium levels and will be on medication for the rest of his life,” Emily told LADbible.

“It was exhausting but worthwhile as, after a few close calls and being close to losing him, he’s pulled through and is on the road to recovery.”

Despite everything, this little trooper is living every day to the fullest, and loves playing with his pet siblings.

“I feel very lucky to have Munchie, he’s got the cheekiest little character and loves having lots of attention and cuddles,” Emily said. “He loves to play with his kitten toys.”

You can follow Munchie’s adventures on Instagram! What a great cat, and thank you to Emily for giving him all the love and care he needs!

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