Cat who went blind due to neglect becomes internet star, helping other disabled cats

Cats that are bought from breeders can come from a life of neglect with their sole purpose being to make money for their owner.

This can often cause health issues not to mention the psychological abuse that they suffer.

For a Persian called Moet she spent the first year of her life living in squalor at the hands of an unregulated pet shop owner in Oman.

According to the woman that saved this sweet feline “she was left untreated to die – often without food and water, a dirty cage, no bed to lie on, no toys.”

The neglect that the champagne-colored cat suffered led to her losing her eyesight and by the time she was found by UK-born Emily she was in a bad way.

She had to be nursed back to health and her decaying eyes had to be removed to save her life.

“I had been looking for a companion for my first rescue, Luna, and the vets mentioned that they had a 1-year-old blind Persian. I was resistant at first, but they persuaded me to ‘just come and meet her,’” Emily told the Metro newspaper.

“I hadn’t ever met a blind cat before and didn’t really know what to expect. I kneeled down to stroke her cheek. She instantly rolled over for a belly rub. I was sold!

“She purred and purred and was so sweet-natured and seemed so happy. The instant connection I felt was so strong.”

Emily had to wait three days to take Moet home as she had to heal properly after surgery.

Now the 6-year-old cat is living her best life with Emily and even has a boyfriend cat called Basil, who lives in the U.K.

Moet has also become an internet star with more than 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Emily uses her cat’s cuteness to help show that animals with disabilities still make wonderful pets.

“There are loads of blind cats in shelters who are unnecessarily euthanized every year because people think they are ‘unadoptable’. This is simply not the case, which is what we try to show so that more are adopted into loving, caring homes,” added Emily.

Emily sells Moet merchandise with all funds raised going to help the strays of Oman.

I love Moet’s story from her rescue to raising awareness to help other cats in her situation. I’m so thankful for people like Emily who can see past an animal’s disability and give them a loving home.

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