Cat went missing for three days — then returned home with a ‘bill’ for all the fish she ate

Not all cats like to sit around the house—some like to wander around the neighborhood on their own. It’s usually a mystery to their owners what kind of adventures these free-roaming felines get into while away.

But for one cat owner, that question was answered thanks to a note around her cat’s collar… that hilariously revealed the “debt” the cat incurred.

According to News18, a cat in Thailand went missing for three days:

But when she finally decided to return home, the owner noticed something was different about the cat: she had a new collar.

Not only that, attached to the collar was a note.

The owner read the note, and discovered just what kind of antics the cat had gotten into.

It was written by a storekeeper, who had apparently caught the cat admiring her fish.

“Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall,” the note read, translated from Thai. “So I gave him three.”

You never know what kind of people your pets are going to run into while they’re roaming around. It’s heartwarming to know this cat ran into someone kind enough to feed her.

Although the store owner also put down her address—perhaps so the owner could pay her back for the fish, but maybe just to keep in touch with her hungry new friend.

The story went viral when it was shared on Facebook. People found the story of this cat, and the “bill” she brought home to her owner, both adorable and hilarious.

“Gone three days and back with debts,” the caption says.

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