Cat was returned to shelter 4 days after finally getting adopted — but then luck finally turns around

It’s always great news when an animal gets adopted from a shelter, but it’s heartbreaking when those adoptions don’t stick. The pets are returned to the shelter, their hopes dashed once again.

That was the case for one cat, who was so happy to finally get adopted but was returned just four days later. But now, there’s been another twist in her story…

Red is a 5-year-old tabby cat who was in the care of Australian Animal Protection Society (AAPS) in Victoria, Australia. According to a Facebook post, she first arrived at the shelter with her mom and siblings, and showed “signs of stress related behaviors.”

But with time, love and training, Red’s demeanor improved during her time in the shelter, and she was placed up for adoption. AAPS looked for a low-stress, adults-only home that would give her the time and patience she needs to adjust.

However, it seemed like no one was interested in giving Red a home. “During her 137 days at our shelter, no one has ever come to visit Red,” the shelter wrote on TikTok last month.

In addition to her emotional needs, staff say her breed and age may have been factors. “Adult cats, especially tabby domestic short hairs, tend to stay in our shelter for long periods of time as people tend to consider them as ‘non-desirable,'” a shelter spokesperson told Newsweek.


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After more than 140 days in the shelter, Red’s luck seemingly turned around when she was finally adopted out.

Sadly, however, the situation did not work out, and Red was returned just four days later.

“We [sent] Red off to what we truly believed would be her forever home,” AAPS wrote in a TikTok. “4 days later we got a call that broke our hearts.”

Red’s would-be adopters didn’t give her the time she needed to settle in, and the sudden return to the shelter took an emotional toll on the poor cat.

“She was returned for not settling in fast enough or sitting on her new owners lap,” they wrote. “Red has been so confused and withdrawn since coming back, but we aren’t giving up on her.”


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They didn’t give up — and soon, Red got a second chance at happiness.

Soon after Red was returned, AAPS shared another update: Red was adopted again, and this time seems much more promisng.

They described Red’s new parent as “an experienced cat owner who is ready to give her all the time and comforts she needs to feel safe.”

It sounds like Red has finally found her true forever home. After 150 days in the shelter and a false start, she definitely deserves it and we hope she is settling in well ❤️

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