Cat trapped in apartment fire leaps from second story window

Cat trapped in apartment fire leaps from second story window

It’s often said that cats have nine lives. While it isn’t literally true (sadly) it’s still true that cats are remarkable survivors, always able to land on their feet.

That was the case for one cat who, in a remarkable video, survived a blazing fire by leaping out a window.

A 61-year-old man in East Harlem, New York set his apartment on fire on Saturday as part of a domestic dispute, according to the New York Daily News. The fire spread, injuring seven people including two police officers.

“It was intense, the whole building,” one witness told ABC 7. “People [were] trapped in their apartments because they couldn’t make it outside to go anywhere.”


And the fire nearly claimed the life of another one of the apartment’s residents: an orange tabby cat, who was trapped inside.

But the cat found an escape route through an open window… on the second floor.

Police responders and onlookers gathered around, ready to catch the cat.


After some encouragement, the cat takes the jump. It seems to pounce off the air conditioner below, into the officer’s arms and then onto the ground.

A moment later, the flames in the apartment get even larger, showing that the cat made it out just in the knick of time.

The cat appears to have made it out unharmed: it makes its way to the sidewalk, where a bystander picks it up and hands the cat back to the police.

Watch the incredible video below:

According to the Daily News, the cat was brought to Animal Care Centers of NYC, who nicknamed the lucky feline “Tom Cat.” They say the cat suffered from smoke inhalation but is in “pretty good shape.” It isn’t known who the cat’s owner is.

Meanwhile, ABC 7 reports that Willie Manning, the man accused of starting the fire, has been charged with burglary, arson, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

It’s a shame that this man’s actions put so many people and pets in danger. But we’re glad this cat made it out okay!

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