Cat sparks $7,500 rescue effort after getting ‘stuck’ on bridge, only to wander home on its own 6 days later

Hatty the curious kitty had found her way onto the bridge which connects the busy areas of Plymouth, Devon, and  Cornwall, and got stuck there.

Her owner Kirsty Howden had been frantic trying to find her precious pet and after two weeks discovered her on the bridge, according to the BBC.

Numerous rescue attempts

Unable to rescue her she contacted authorities and firefighters responded; a call I’m sure they’re all too familiar with.

But this rescue wasn’t as straightforward as they hoped and they spent five, unsuccessful, hours trying to get her down, according to The Plymouth Herald.

Officers from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also tried to rescue the cat twice and authorities even planned to shut down the train lines.

But after six days of rescue attempts and head scratching trying to free this cat, Hatty decided to make her own way home. It seems she didn’t need rescuing after all.

‘Smelly and very vocal’

She walked past rescue crews and television cameras and headed straight home, as if nothing had happened.

“I was sat responding to comments, heard a meow outside, had a look through the window, and there she was!” owner Kirsty said. “She is a bit skinny and smelly, very vocal and has now headed upstairs and put herself to bed.”

She thanked everyone who had attempted to rescue her cat and those that had sent her words of support during such a worrying time.

She also assured everyone that this wouldn’t happen again as Hatty was going to be a house cat.

No more adventures for Hatty

“She is going to stay inside,” Kirsty told The Plymouth Herald. “We haven’t broken it to her yet, but yes, we’re going to try and make her a house-cat for a bit, because I don’t want any more adventures on the bridges.”

The rescue attempt cost roughly $7,500, according to Fox News.

Thank goodness Hatty is finally down from this very busy bridge, even if it took countless rescue attempts by so many different animal lovers.

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