Cat reunites with family after being accidentally donated to thrift store while hiding in chair

Any animal owner can tell you that pets sometimes end up in the most unexpected places. Cats, with their flexible bodies and curious nature, are especially capable of hiding in unusual spots.

That’s a lesson one family learned the hard way, after accidentally donating the family cat to a thrift store — but thankfully, the family is now reunited.

According to Denver Animal Shelter, a local family was moving and decided to donate some of their old furniture. They dropped off a recliner chair to a thrift store.

What the family didn’t realize, though, was that there was something valuable hidden inside the old chair: their cat!

The family’s pet cat, Montequlla, was hiding deep inside the recliner.

It might’ve been a scary ordeal for the orange cat, being unknowingly donated to the shelter while stuck in the chair. On the other hand, a photo shows Montequlla looking out from the recliner with a hint of a smile across her face, as if this whole thing was a devilish prank.

While we’ll never know quite what Montequlla was thinking, we do know the owners were worried sick when they realized their mistake.

After realizing their cat was missing, they immediately called up the thrift store. The store had already discovered the cat inside and put Montequlla in the care of the Denver Animal Shelter.

Thankfully, everything worked out in the end: the family got in touch with the shelter and picked up their cat.

“We are so happy for the ending to this story and are thankful to everyone involved in getting this sweet cat home safely,” Denver Animal Shelter wrote, sharing the story on Facebook.

Curiosity may not have killed the cat in this case, but it did cause one scary situation for this family and their cat.

But thankfully, everything worked out in the end — and they’ll be sure to double-check their furniture before making any more donations!

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