Cat reunited with owner after 4 long years of separation

Cat reunited with owner after 4 years of separation – welcome home Shredder

No matter if you call it a holiday miracle or an early Christmas present, there’s no denying how special the moment was when Theresa Blanco was reunited with her cat, Schrodinger, who had been missing for four years.

Schrodinger’s story began in 2015 when he was transferred from an overcrowded shelter in Southern California to a shelter in Oregon.

When he was just two-months-old, Theresa’s husband, Steve, adopted Schrodinger, previously known as Cole, from the shelter. The two became best buddies.

Schrodinger, also known as Shredder or Shred, kept Steve company during his chemotherapy treatments. But shortly after Steve died in 2016, Shredder disappeared from the couple’s home in La Pine, Oregon.


Like any pet parent, Theresa was desperate to find Shredder. She spent hours on end walking around her neighborhood searching for her cat, but she never had any luck.

She even spoke to a pet pyschic.

“I talked to a pet psychic that is usually pretty reliable, and she gently told me that Schrodinger went to be with his dad,” she told KTVZ.

“Even after she told me that, I think for the next two years, I continued to walk around the block, calling him.”

But time marched on and still no Shredder.

After a recent move to California, Theresa had given up most hope, though she did still leave a dresser drawer open for Shredder.

“…maybe because I’m a nitwit, I had a teeny tiny seed of hope.”

And a tiny seed was all she needed.

Around Thanksgiving someone spotted Shredder living under their deck. They were able to trap him and bring him to the Humane Society of Central Oregon.

Thankfully, Shredder had a microchip and staff at the humane society were able to get in contact with Theresa.

“She said it felt like she fell off a building. She said, ‘You are telling me that something that I have put away in my mind that is dead, is now alive?’” Lynne Ouchida with the Humane Society told Central Oregon Daily.

While Theresa drove to Oregon to reunite with Shredder, a friend picked him up from the humane society.

“I’m considering him an early Christmas present from Steve,” Theresa said, “and maybe this is Steve’s way of saying he’s okay that I moved away from where we were, so happy to start a new life.”

Such a beautiful story, and at this time of year? It makes it even sweeter. I’m so glad Shredder is home now.

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