Cat returned to owner after she went missing for 11 years

An animal lover was delighted when her cat was returned to her – after she went missing 11 years ago.

Eve McDonnell lost her beloved Missy in April 2009 when she went out to buy milk without realizing her cat was on the back seat of the car.

When she stopped at the store and opened her car door Missy jumped out and ran off leaving a distraught Eve searching for her.

Eve searched for Missy but couldn’t find her. Over a decade went by and Eve gave up hope of ever seeing her again.

 The moggy escaped from Eve McDonnell’s car on April 23, 2009
Little Haven Rescue/YouTube

“I never stopped thinking about her,” Eve, a 72-year-old retired hair stylist from Birmingham, England, said, according The Sun newspaper.

So when a local cat rescue contacted her and told her they had found her black and white cat living just 8 miles from her home, Eve couldn’t believe it.

Ali Shah and his mom Salma had spotted the emaciated cat living and sleeping in trash on the streets and took her home.

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Posted by Little Haven Rescue on Friday, March 6, 2020

They took her in and gave her food for a few days before taking her to Little Haven Rescue. Center owner Clare Davis checked the 17-year-old cat for a microchip and she was traced to Eve.

“You just don’t forget your pets — they are irreplaceable. I can’t believe she’s alive,” Eve said.

Claire said she was stunned to find out how long Missy had been gone.

“I’ve returned cats that have been missing for two or three years but 11 years is pretty unbelievable,” she said.

We should never give up hope when we lose our beloved animals; I can’t believe this cat survived on the streets for so long. Thank goodness for the kind people who took her in.

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