Cat pulled from rubble of Russian bombing finds home with Ukrainian government

Cat pulled from rubble of Russian bombing finds home with Ukrainian government

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for nearly two months, displacing millions from their homes and causing thousands of civilian deaths. Our hearts continue to go out to all the Ukrainians affected by war.

But even amidst this tragic war, there are signs of hope and resilience. We’ve seen many stories of people risking their safety to help animals, and animals helping to inspire struggling civilians.

Now, one cat who was pulled from the rubble of a destroyed Ukrainian city is becoming a symbol of hope after finding a great new home.

The Ukrainian city of Borodianka, northwest of capital Kyiv, was among the worst-hit areas in the war: bombings by Russian forces have left the city in rubble with many civilians killed. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said the situation in the city was “significantly more dreadful” than the widely-condemned massacre in Bucha, per Reuters.

Firefighters are now locating bodies among the destroyed rubble. But amidst this tragedy, an unlikely survivor provided a glimmer of hope.

A cat was reportedly found, alive but a little charred and scuffed up, in Borodianka after the attacks.

“This cat… barely made it,” wrote Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. “He was pulled out from under the broken concrete blocks.”

Gerashchenko said they hoped “his humans survived too,” but it’s not clear if they were able to identify the owners.

But in an update, Gerashchenko said the cat was now being well taken care of… by the Ukrainian government!

“He now lives in the Ministry of Internal affairs,” Gerashchenko wrote on Twitter, saying the cat was being “fed, bathed, and loved.”

Not only that, but the cat is also part of the official government team: “He will participate in all important meetings, of course.”

It’s a little bit of good news amidst all the heartbreak and devastation. For many people, the cat’s story — his unlikely survival and ultimate triumph — is symbolic of Ukraine itself.

“He’s a symbol of Ukrainian strength,” a commenter on Reddit wrote. “They will emerge stronger.”

“May this cat be a symbol: angry and still standing,” a Twitter user replied.

We’re so glad this beautiful cat is safe and sound and is in loving hands. It’s great to see his story is giving so much hope to people during this difficult time.

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