Stray cat interrupts reporter’s news segment and ends up finding a forever home

Anytime an animal photobombs a reporter on live television, it’s hard not to laugh. Sure, it might be difficult for the reporter to keep a straight face, but for the audience it can provide a little comedic relief.

Recently, Artur Lira, a Brazilian journalist was filming a news segment outside of a police station when he was interrupted by a curious feline.

Lira said he started to feel a tickle and when he looked down a cat had wrapped itself around his legs.

After he had a good chuckle and gave the cat a few pats on the head, Lira relocated. But so did his new friend.

As he tried to finish filming, the cat surprised him again.

“That was when I couldn’t stand it and started laughing,” he told Globo News.

Aquela hora que você tá gravando o texto e sente um gato passando entre as pernas 😂. Mas ele foi tão fofinho que não dá nem pra sentir raiva. Já pensou se fosse ao vivo? 🙈😂🐈😍 E quando mudei de lugar ele foi lá também. Acho que esse gato queria era ficar famoso. E tá conseguindo. #bastidores #jornalismo #petslover #gatosengraçados #vireijornalista #tvparaiba #tvcabobranco #showdavida #issoaglobonãomostra

Posted by Artur Lira on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Lira shared the hilarious video online and it quickly went viral. People suggested the reporter adopt the cat, but he couldn’t get his mother on board. She, reportedly, was still grieving the loss of the family’s dog and didn’t believe she could suffer through the loss of another pet.

But it turns out there’s good news for the cat, who was a stray and lived near the police station, Lira’s aunt adopted him!

He wrote on Instagram that he even though the cat will live with his aunt, he plans on visiting him frequently.

What a happy ending for this cat! Share this to thank Artur for helping this cat find a forever home.