Cat named ‘Lucky’ returns home two years after going missing

It’s heartbreaking when a pet goes missing, but it’s important not to lose hope: sometimes pets return months or even years after they disappeared, in ways you never expect.

Like one “Lucky” cat, who was found two years after disappearing and over a thousand miles away from home.

Last month, a resident of Prairie Village, Kansas found an orange tabby cat on the street, according to KCTV. It was too cold for the cat to be outside, so they contacted the local Animal Control Unit for help.

The cat was checked for a microchip. Capt. Washington of the Prairie Village Police Department says this is normal procedure, and usually the microchip identifies a local as the owner.

Instead, everyone was shocked to learn that Lucky was actually from Miami, Florida, over 1,400 miles away — and had been missing for two years!

“I’ve never heard of anything like this in my 20-plus years of service,” Capt. Washington told KCTV.

Making things even more unbelievable, the cat had a very fitting name: “Lucky.”

“Lucky was lucky,” Washington added, saying the owners were thrilled when they heard the news: “They are ecstatic. They’re happy, obviously.”

The department wrote on social media that they are “still figuring out” how Lucky ended up all the way in Kansas. They are now working on reuniting Lucky with her family, although the long distance complicates things.

On Facebook, several people offered to help transport the cat to Miami, so hopefully something can be arranged soon.

In the meantime, Lucky is being taken care of at Great Plains Pet Adoption Center.

The unbelievable story has now gone viral nationwide: according to The National Desk, Lucky was even mentioned on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

What a miracle Lucky was found after two years, and so far from home! Definitely living up to its name!

It’s a reminder to get your pets microchipped, which makes missing pet reunions like this possible even after years apart.

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