Cat interested in common household flower left fighting for its life – owner wants to warn others

A cat owner was forced to rush her beloved pet to the vets after she caught her playing with a vase of flowers on her desk.

Lindsey Warnock noticed her cat playing with a vase of lilies in her office and then spotted the colorful pollen on her coat.

She was initially worried about the pollen on her coat and so researched cats and lillies but was shocked to discover the flowers were highly poisonous to cats.

“She didn’t eat anything. She only batted at them and got the pollen all over her before I shooed her away. We laughed initially but thank God something in my head told me to google it,” Lindsey said, according to Metro News.

“I read, ‘All parts of the lily – including the stem, leaves, petals, stamens, and pollen – are poisonous to cats. Even minor exposures (cat chewing on a leaf or getting pollen on his or her haircoat or whiskers) can be fatal.'”

She then rushed her beloved Willow into the bathroom where she rinsed off the pollen on her coat and then took her to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Georgia.

‘Just too late’

After Willow was taken from her while Lindsey remained in the car, due to COVID restrictions, a vet returned to give her the shocking news that pollen had been found around Willow’s mouth and on her tongue.

Lindsey said the doctor told her: “In my experience I’ve never seen a cat survive lily poisoning. Most owners only realize there’s an issue when the cat is sick and by that point it’s just too late.”

Doctors warned Lindsey that her sweet cat may not make it through the night.

Thankfully after two days of treatment Willow pulled through.

“We will go for a recheck soon but her doctors are confident her organs didn’t suffer any long term damage from the poisoning.”

‘Intense guilt’ after buying flowers

Now Lindsey wants to warn other cat owners so they can protect their precious pets.

“I can’t tell you the intense guilt I felt and still feel for buying those stupid flowers,” she said.

So many plants are poisonous to cats and it’s important we know about them so we don’t put our cat’s lives in danger.

Please share this important warning with all the cat owners you know today.