Cat ‘graduates’ college as honorary member of the class of 2022 after attending every Zoom lecture with owner

There’s no more loyal companion than our pets. They’ll remain by our side no matter what and help us through life’s toughest challenges.

When the pandemic hit and the majority of the world was forced into quarantine and told to stay away from other humans, our furry friends were there to keep us company.

Like many students, Francesca Bourdier spent the bulk of the pandemic attending class online, and while she never physically sat next to her classmates, there was always one constant by her side: her cat Suki.

So when she recently graduated from college Bourdier made Suki an honorary member of the class of 2022.

“I was pretty much at my apartment for most of the time and I had my cat next to me. Whenever I would have my Zoom lecture on, it’s like she almost wanted to listen in on it, and she would always just sit by my laptop,” the college graduate told Fox 7 Austin.

Bourdier said it only felt right to celebrate Suki’s accomplishments alongside her own.

When it came time for Bourdier to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin she searched online for a cap and gown fit for a one-and-a-half-year-old cat.

Even though Suki didn’t get her own degree, Bourdier was happy to have Suki once again by her side as she celebrated a milestone in her life.

Congratulations to Francesca and Suki, and to all the other pets who sat by their owners’ side as they completed Zoom school!

All of our four-legged friends deserve an honorary degree!