Cat fighting for his life after being shot with arrow: police are searching for the culprit

It’s truly shocking how cruel some people can be to innocent animals. Recently, a stray cat was found seriously wounded after a person shot him with an arrow.

Now, police are searching for the culprit โ€” and people are praying for the sweet cat’s recovery.

On January 31, a cat in St. Petersburg, Florida was found injured with an arrow protruding from his back. Local nonprofit Cat Trap Fever arrived on the scene and, with the help of neighbors and some improvised equipment, were able to safely secure the injured feline.

“We still haven’t fully wrapped our heads around humanity having the capability for this intentional cruel act of hate,” Cat Trap Fever wrote on Facebook, saying that the community was “baffled” and “disgusted” by the situation.

“NO ANIMAL OR PERSON deserves to be shot at. NO ONE has the right to intentionally shoot at a community cat, ever,” they wrote.

The trappers considered immediate euthanasia to end the cat’s pain and suffering, but he was stable enough that they believed he could pull through and brought him to a veterinarian. The cat later underwent surgery.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation into the case, asking for the public’s help in identifying who shot the cat with an arrow.

Speaking to neighbors, the police learned that the victim was a neighborhood cat who was described as “super friendly.”

In a February 5 update, Cat Trap Fever said the cat’s fate was still uncertain. He has no appetite, and they placed an esophageal feeding tube to give him the nutrients he needs.

“While this isn’t our typical path for a cat in rough shape without an appetite, these unique circumstances are so atypical to our usual cat clientele,” they wrote. “We feel he’s survived an arrow, survived the major surgery, and survived with a good attitude, throughout.”

“He has already been failed by humanity, we’re going to keep trying until there is no hope remaining, so long as he indicates he is happy, despite his pains,” they wrote, noting that if he didn’t recover they would opt for humane euthanasia to avoid “selfishly prolonging the inevitable.”

“Hopefully he makes it, but we’re still guarded because the heartbreak is too much,” Jessica Kelly of Cat Trap Fever told FOX 13. But for now, they are doing everything to give him a fighting chance โ€” and a chance at a better life.

“Provided he survives another miracle, he will be placed up for adoption, so he will be an indoor only, forever kitty, so he will never risk being on the other side of an arrow,” Jessica said.

It’s awful that anyone would shoot this beautiful cat with an arrow โ€” we are praying that he pulls through, and that the culprit faces justice for this heinous act ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿคฌ

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