Bowie the rescue cat with unique appearance becomes internet sensation

Cats are in a league of their own when it comes to personality, they come in all shapes and sizes and you never know the character you’re going to get.

Unlike dogs, their personality tends to evolve more over time and they can surprise you with their funny ways; it’s always worth giving these mysterious creatures a chance as they need nurturing.

Sadly, some are discarded before they’ve even had a chance to show you their true character and this is heartbreaking as they have so much to give if they’re just given a chance.

One cat in Spain was abandoned in 2018 but his striking appearance soon caught the eye of an animal lover who couldn’t resist this unique cat.

His new owner Maria Lloret named him after the legendary musician Bowie and now he has 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Maria instantly fell in love with this unique cat with his beautiful green and blue eyes and unusual markings.

Bowie’s coat is fair with patches of all shades of brown on his face, throat, and legs, and black and gray stripes on his tail makes for quite a striking appearance.

The adventures he enjoys in his new home in Alicante, Spain, are documented by his adoring owner and posted on Instagram for all his fans to enjoy.

Maria describes Bowie as “Mum’s aggressive little beast with #Heterochromia Sweet and sassy at the same time.”

Maria even has a blog about her feline friend and likes to emphasize the importance of animal adoption.

“Bowie The Cat keeps on growing and that is because cats have always been, and they will always be, trending topic. In a world like ours, the best smile is the one caused by the innocence of a cat, she wrote.

It’s clear from his many pictures that he was born to be a car star.

Such a beautiful cat and I’m so glad he found such an adoring home. Please share with all the cat lovers you know.