Black cat crashes the field during NFL game and scores a ‘touchdown’

No one is more superstitious than sports fans, who are always wary that their favorite teams will be cursed by some kind of hex or broken ritual.

So you can imagine how fans watching Monday Night Football last night felt when, out of nowhere, the most famous bad omen of them all appeared out of nowhere: a black cat!

Yes, an actual black cat made his very unusual NFL debut last night, stealing the show and becoming the talk of the sports world.

It was Monday’s matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants, playing in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. Near the end of the game’s second quarter, viewers across the country were treated to some very unexpected on-field entertainment when a black cat took ran into the game.

Sure, the cat interrupted the game, but fans and commentators alike couldn’t help but be amused by the unexpected sight.

As the cat ran away to avoid capture from security guards closing in, he ended up running into the Giant’s end zone.

“A state trooper has come on the field and the cat runs into the end zone,” announced Westwood One’s Kevin Harlan, giving an amazing play-by-play. “That is a touchdown!”

It was arguably the most exciting play of the game, and even the commentators couldn’t help but marvel at this rookie’s athletic chops.

“He’s got great lateral movement,” said ESPN announcer Joe Tessitore.

The stealthy cat managed to evade capture but ran off the field. He never returned to the game, although just on his brief appearance we still think he deserves this season’s MVP trophy.

But this black cat, it turns out, was in fact bad luck for one team: while the Giants were leading 9-3 during the cat’s appearance, they ended up losing the game to the Cowboys.

Whether that has to do with magic jinxes or a few bad plays really depends on your team loyalty. But years from now, no one will remember this game for the score… only that it was the Black Cat Game.

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