Biker slams on his brakes after spotting a shadow in the road – what he does next made him the hero of a viral video

It’s heartbreaking to see any cat or dog having to fend for itself on the street.

Without the love and care of a human, life is tough enough, let alone when the animal is only a baby and has no idea how to look after itself.

One abandoned kitten found herself sitting in the middle of a busy highway with no awareness of the danger she was in.

Thankfully a motorcyclist was passing and screeched to a halt after spotting the furball in danger.


Bikers have to be extra careful when traveling on the road as some motorists and truck drivers don’t even notice them.

I imagine this was why one biker in Belgium was wearing a camera on his helmet, to make sure any foul play on the highway by ignorant drivers was documented.


But instead of unruly motorists he caught something else on camera that when shared online quickly went viral.

A shadow in the road caught his attention and forced him to stop his motorbike abruptly.

Rescued kitten

He went back to investigate the shadow that had caught his eye and found it was a kitten, sitting in the middle of the highway.

Whether he was frozen with fear or had no idea the danger it was in, the biker knew he had to act fast before he put both of them in danger.


The motorcyclist then scooped up the frightened feline and got her out of the way of any danger.

Became a big hero

Another motorist had the same idea and also stopped to see if there was anything he could do.

The unidentified motorcyclist told video website ViralHog, that “the cat was very afraid. But now, it is good.”

Watch the two animal heroes in action in the clip below.

All animals deserve a safe and loving home.

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