Abandoned newborn kitten uses all his might to cry for help

So many animals are left abandoned fighting to survive on the streets, which is why it always amazes me when baby animals are found alive.

For these newborn creatures, who have not yet learned to look after themselves, surviving even a day is nothing short of a miracle.

In Montreal, Canada, a man heard the cries of a kitten coming from a farm near a wooded area.

He rushed to save it and was shocked to discover how loud the kitten was. Despite it being so frail and hungry it had managed to find the strength to cry for help loud enough for his rescuer to hear.

Paws Planet

After a search no other cats were found; the newborn kitten was completely alone in the world. His rescuer then took the kitten to rescue center Chatons Orphelins Montréal where he was treated by Jessica, a veterinary technician.

Jessica named him Woody and stayed with the dehydrated kitten, warming him up and feeding him.

After two weeks of constant care and feeding, Woody proved what a small but strong feline he was and started to blossom. HIs weight doubled and he became a happy friendly cat.

“Woody loves everyone, human and furry kind. He adapts well to change and is very easy-going,” staff at the rescue center said, as reported by Paws Planet.

Paws Planet

Woody was placed with a foster mom and continues to get stronger.

Watch him in action in the clip below.

Woody is one very lucky cat; thank goodness he had a good set of lungs on him and was rescued in time.

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