A rescue kitten refuses to eat until an unlikely animal companion steps in to help

I’m always so heartened by those people that rescue animals from the streets and give them a loving home, but it can sometimes take more than that to heal a broken animal.

When a 2-week-old kitten was found alone on the streets of San Jose, California, she took a while to heal from the wounds of being abandoned by her mom.

Thankfully animal hero Thos Bui took her in who had experience of rescuing animals, she also had three Husky dogs.

But it soon became apparent that the kitten, she called Rosie, was still sad despite being rescued from the streets and given a warm, loving home.

Rosie wouldn’t respond to anything and just lay all day looking sad, she even refused to eat. It seemed the pain of being abandoned by her mother was too much to bear for this tender furball.

One of Thos’ husky dogs Lilo noticed the kitten’s sadness and decided to step in. She surrounded the tiny creature and gave her as much warmth and love as she could.

Within a few hours Rosie started to eat and soon became more responsive to her surroundings.

It was obvious her adoptive mom was giving her the love she was missing.

Now that Rosie is all grown up and has done that growing up around her canine companion Lilo and her other dog sister Infinity and dog brother Miko she seems to think she’s one of them.

She goes outside to do her business, just like her dog siblings and even goes on walks like them. Her adoring owner documents their adventures through an Instagram page called lilothehusky.

Find out more about this beautiful animal family’s story in the clip below.


We can all learn from Lilo’s example of giving love where it’s needed most, despite our differences.

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