6 signs that your cat really loves you

Greg Walters/flickr

1. Your cat is drooling

All cats meow, but not all cats drool when their owner shows them love. And if your cat meows when you talk to it, you can take this sign as true love.


2. Your cat crawls up on the sofa with you

Do you have movie night on the couch and your cat suddenly appears and wants to cuddle? It’s another sure sign that it’s love.


3. Your cat overwhelms you with presents

Cats are hunters and they think you are, too. They don’t understand that you get your food from the store. So when your cat comes home with a dead mouse, it just wants to help feed the family, too, according to The Guardian.


4. Your cat doesn’t let you work

You try to work from home, but then your cat sits on your keys or on your important work papers. If your cat constantly follows you and is in your way when you’re trying to do your job, then it’s true love.


5. Your cat doesn’t let you leave the house

You’re the one who defends the home, so if your cat loves you, he or she won’t let you go out. Your cat may create a scene when you try to leave, but it’s just because it loves you.


6. Your cat us happy when you get home

When you get home from a tough day at work, your cat is overjoyed to see you and greet you eagerly at the door. Just as angry as it was when you walked out the door — it’s then so happy when you return.

Can you tick off all the items on the list? Then there’s no doubt — your cat loves you.

Share the list with your cat-loving friends and they’ll also know if their cats are in love with them.

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