Police officer uses farm experience to help cow give birth to her calf

A good police officer is always prepared to help those in need, no matter what the job throws at them.

We’ve all heard of stories of officers helping to deliver babies in emergency situations, but one officer’s recent delivery has a unique twist: the mother was a cow!

According to a Facebook post by the Omaha Police Department, a semi driver was transporting cattle when one of the cows suddenly went into labor.


Officer Jackie Sheets was called to the scene to assist the expectant mother cow give birth to her calf.

And while delivering calves isn’t something that’s usually in a police officer’s job description, Officer Sheets happened to be uniquely qualified for the job.

According to the post, Sheets’ “childhood experience on a farm kicked in,” and she helped the mother successfully deliver her baby.

The story has gone viral online, with many praising Sheets for saving the day with her expertise.

“Great job Officer Sheets!” Greeley Police Department wrote. “No bull….you took this situation by the horns and handled it!”

“Good job Officer!” another comment reads. “You can take the farm girl out of the farm, but you cant take the farm out of the girl!”

Thank you to Officer Sheets for helping this mother cow give birth to her baby calf! You never know when you’ll need to help an animal in need, and we’re glad this police officer was able to use her experience!

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