Obese potbelly pig 'on road to recovery' after being found left in dog kennel

Obese potbelly pig ‘on road to recovery’ after being found left in dog kennel

When you have a pet, it’s your responsibility to take care of them no matter what, and help them through any health issues that might arise.

But some people decide to just abandon animals instead. That was the case for one pig, who was severely overweight and in a state of neglect when she was found abandoned in a dog kennel.

But now, Cupcake is in better hands and looking for a new start.

On June 2, a hot day in Las Vegas, the Animal Foundation discovered a potbelly pig, left in a wire dog kennel. They said the pig was “alone, uncomfortable and severely overweight.”

She weighed 175 pounds, so heavy she could barely move.

In addition to being obese and left in the hot sun, the pig had visible signs of neglect, with overgrown hooves and “filthy” ears. It was clear to the rescuers that the pig had been abandoned, apparently by a former owner who couldn’t care for her.

Animal Foundation took the pig in, and named her Cupcake. They quickly got to work undoing a life of neglect with the help of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital’s Dr. Taylor Parker, a “self-proclaimed piggy doctor.”

They cleaned Cupcake up, trimmed her nails, and most importantly began the long process of bringing her weight down through portioned meals.

The foundation writes that Cupcake is now “on the road to recovery.”

But she has a long road ahead — and the most important step now is finding her a new home who will treat her better, and support her health.

“She will need a caring owner who will help her on her weight loss journey and show her the love she deserves,” The Animal Foundation writes. “Once Cupcake loses weight, it will be easier for her to walk, not to mention, more enjoyable.”

“While we can’t erase the trauma and abandonment that Cupcake has experienced, we are doing everything we can to make up for it with love.”

This poor pig. It’s heartbreaking what Cupcake has gone through, but we’re glad she’s on the road to recovery now.

We hope she finds a forever home soon! You can reach out to The Animal Foundation if you are interested, or share this story to help spread the word!