Miracle birth: Cow gives birth to one in (11.2) million quadruplets

The animal world can surprise us when we least expect it. And if you work on a farm, you get to see even more incredible events happen every day.

But couple Chuck and Deb Beldo got to witness something on their farm in Minnesota, that happens once in every 700,000 births.

When one of their cows was getting ready to give birth news of what she produced immediately went viral after she gave birth to quadruplets.

YouTube / CBS

The Beldo family farm has been running since 1882 and as we all know farming is not an easy job.

So when the couple found out one of their cows was expecting they were happy their farm was expanding and looked forward to welcoming the little one.

Considered the possibility of twins

Deb and Chuck’s daughter, Jamie, noticed that the pregnant cow was getting bigger than normal and considered the possibility of twins.

“Actually, they (her parents) had a set of twins born earlier this year, but unfortunately they came during the crazy cold weather we had in April and they didn’t make it.” Jamie told Minnesota Public Radio.


When it was time for the cow to give birth, the couple were blown away when she had FOUR calves, and everyone worked hard through the night to keep her babies alive.

The calves were smaller than your average calf and had to be separated from their mother as she was struggling to feed them all.

HELP!! “The Quadruplet Calves” need names!Mom and Dad had one cow with four calves. All are alive and doing well….

Posted by Jamie Belz on Sunday, May 27, 2018

The odds of all four calves surviving is one in 11.2 million and Chuck didn’t think it would happen.

“I think we’re going to make it now, a week ago I wouldn’t have bet a dime on it,” Chuck told CBS Minnesota.

Many congratulations

The couple posted the happy news on Facebook and tens of thousands of people shared the post, congratulating the farmers with many declaring “Holy Cow.”

“It’s a novelty, but I hope somebody else can have the next experience because once is enough,” Chuck told  CBS.

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