Images released of 22 cows who all died side by side after lightning storm

Heartbreaking images have been released of 22 cows found dead in a field after a lightning storm.

It’s thought the 22 Aberdeen Angus cows had gathered together near a fence during the thunderstorm and had all been electrocuted.

The tragedy is reported to have taken place on a farm in the central Argentine province of La Pampa.

According to a report by UNILAD the cows belonged to the Los Corrales breeders and are collectively thought to be worth over $70,000.

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It’s thought the cows had gathered near the fence as they were scared by the storm but lightning had struck one of the fence poles, killing all the cows instantly, local media reported.

Storm occurred after a long drought

Owner of the ranch Ariel Hoven said the storm had happened after a long period of drought in the area, according to UNILAD.

Eerie footage emerged back in September of 23 cows lying dead on a ranch in Texas after being struck by lightning. Their bodies lying in a straight line in the same position was likened to something out a sci-fi movie.

In August a brief lightning storm in Ireland left 8 cows dead.

These Cows Were Killed After a Lightning Strike

This rancher found a line of dead cows next to an electric fence after a lightning strike (warning: distressing images) (via NowThis)

Posted by NowThis Earth on Friday, September 13, 2019

The owner of the ranch where this latest fatal lightning storm happened Ariel Hoven added he had lost animals before due to this kind of weather but not this many animals in one go.

He said the cows had been buried in the field where they were found.

Such heartbreaking images and a tragedy and huge loss to the farmer.

Please share and maybe more farm fences can be installed with equipment to help stop this happening again.