Goat and rooster rush in to save chicken from hawk attack

We’ve seen many stories of animals doing incredible things, stepping up to be heroes and helping out other creatures in need.

And it’s not just dogs and cats who can be heroes. Sometimes heroism can be found in the most unexpected places — like when two farm animals stepped up to defend one of their own from an attack.

The dramatic scene took place on September 5, on a farm in Gelderland, Netherlands. CCTV footage, shared by Dogtooth Media, shows how a predator hawk swooped in to attack a brown hen.


Hawks are frequent predators of chickens. They’re capable of quickly attacking, killing and picking up a chicken to make it its dinner.

The hawk was aggressively overwhelming the hen, and it’s clear that she almost ended up as prey.

But then, the hen’s fellow farm animals came to her rescue. A rooster led the charge, running in to battle to fend off the hawk, allowing the hen to escape its talons.


As the chickens staged their defense, another animal came to lend his support: a goat named Bruin came charging in.

Together, the animals were able to fight back the hawk.


Eventually, the hawk retreated, and the chickens were able to safely retreat to their coop.

The incident happened so fast and so unexpectedly that the farm’s owner, 59-year-old Jaap Beets, missed the commotion entirely and only witnessed it on the security footage.

“I was so proud of the rooster and the goat jumping in to defend our chicken,” he told Daily Mail. “I was also very relieved that the chicken survived.”

Watch the dramatic video below:

While it’s truly a remarkable thing to see, Beets says that this isn’t even the first time he’s witnessed an animal rescue like this.

He says there were two previous incidents where his chickens were attacked by a goshawk and a buzzard, but both times fellow animals came to their defense.

“In the two previous attacks the turkey and the goats saved the chickens,” he said.

What an incredible video. It goes to show how smart and brave all animals can be. It’s amazing to see these farm animals look after their own.

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