Firefighting goats out of a job due to coronavirus

As soon as social distancing became the norm people were forced to quarantine and many, for various reasons, found themselves without a job. As crazy as it sounds, even firefighting goats have been put out of a job because of the coronavirus pandemic, and their owners are worried.

GoFundMe/Leshay Goat Rentals Affected by Covid-19

“COVID-19 in the last month has been devastating for us,” Lester Camp II told KHQ. “A month ago we had 180 days of grazing scheduled, right now we’re down to about four days.”

Lester and his fiancé Shalene Camp own Leshay Goat Rentals, a natural land management company in Washington, that helps prevent fires by using goats that eat flammable brush.

Last year, their first, business was great and this year it looked to be the same, maybe even better.

The couple prepared for the business boom, but now, without a business to run they’re unprepared.

“Since our grazing season was so absolutely wonderful last year and we knew that this year we were going to be coming into a lot of work, we bred the goats so we’d have enough work to carry on for the next year,” Shalene said. “We have approximately 150 with another 30 moms ready to kid.”

GoFundMe/Leshay Goat Rentals Affected by Covid-19

So now the couple is asking for their community’s help. They started a GoFundMe to help raise money so they could build a shelter for their goats to keep them out of the elements and to use during birthing.

The couple would have used the money they would have made this year to build the shelter, but without any jobs they can’t afford it.

GoFundMe/Leshay Goat Rentals Affected by Covid-19

For now, the couple is worried about providing shelter for their goats, but they also have their mind on the next fire season.

“Life isn’t going to stop. We’re still going to have imminent fire danger this summer,” Lester said. “We still have land management that needs to happen, and these goats do a magnificent job.”

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