Couple wakes up to find a gigantic bull in their backyard

Many of us have been greeted by an animal wandering into our yard: a neighbor’s dog, a stray cat, etc. It’s usually harmless.

But one couple got a surprise from a very different kind of pet, one who left quite an impression on their yard.

A homeowner from Northamptonshire, England woke up one morning, headed downstairs to make a hot drink… when suddenly he noticed something very unusual.

“I looked out of the kitchen window and I just couldn’t believe my eyes,” he told Metro.

Outside in his backyard was a giant bull.


He recognized the bull: it belonged to his neighbor, and was named Arnold, after Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s easy to see why: weighing a metric ton, the bull was as big and imposing as the actor.

Arnold had smashed through their fence and was now trampling around their garden and headbutting their garbage cans. It was too crazy to believe.

“I called my fiancée over and she told me to shut up because we had joked about it before,” the homeowner said.

But it was no joke: “She was petrified. It was a moment of panic.”

“I didn’t think it was wise to go outside as it was probably really distressed.”


The homeowner called his neighbor, a farmer, to pick up his bull. However, he was 40 minutes away, so the couple just had to wait helplessly as the bull did his stuff.

“We just sat and watched as he tore up the garden, basically,” the homeowner said.

Eventually, the bull tired itself out and laid down for a nap.


When the farmer arrived, the bull seemed to relax at the familiar face, and got out of the yard without incident.

Still, Arnold left quite a wreck in his wake, leaving pothole-sized impressions all over their lawn.

It was quite a way to start a morning.

“We’ve been living here 18 months and have seen the odd sheep outside the house,” the homeowner told Metro. “But needless to say, we’ve never had a surprise like that on a weekend.”

Imagine waking up to that in your backyard!

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