City of Bogotá passes new law prohibiting bloodshed in bullfighting

City of Bogotá passes new law prohibiting bloodshed in bullfighting

Bullfighting is a sport that goes back centuries, but it’s fallen greatly out of favor in recent decades, frequently criticized as barbaric and inhumane.

The most common, Spanish-style form of bullfighting involves a slow, painful death for the bull. The RSPCA has denounced it as “inhumane and outdated practice that continues to lose support.”

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While bullfighting is illegal in most countries, it is still practiced throughout much of Spain and Latin American countries and defended as part of a cultural heritage.

However, one city has just announced legal restrictions that will, if not outright ban the sport, impose limitations to protect the bulls from cruelty.

The city council of Bogotá, the capital of and largest city in Colombia, passed a measure to discourage bullfighting in the city. While only their Congress can outright ban the sport, the restrictions go a long way in protecting the welfare of the bulls.

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According to PETA, this includes the banning of banderillas, the swords and spears used on the bulls in the ring. It also prohibits tax dollars from going to bullfighting: fight organizers will have to front the cost themselves and pay 20% in taxes.

“Not a single peso will go toward bullfights,” said Mayor Claudia López.

While this isn’t the end for bullfighting, or the end of cruelty towards bulls in Bogotá—even bulls used in “bloodless” matches are still subjected to cruelty and death—it’s still a big step, and a sign of how the tide is turning against bullfighting in general.

“Animals are subjects of law and deserve all our protection and respect,” Bogotá councilman Juan Baena said. “Animal abuse cannot be an option!”


We’re so glad to see more people are taking action against bullfighting. No sport is worth so many cruel animal deaths. Share this story if you agree!